From Srinagar to Sonamarg: Explore Kashmir’s Treasures with Our Exclusive Packages

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Sonamarg and Srinagar are only around 80 kilometers apart. It was just 75 kilometers from Dal Lake and the hotel, we were staying at, easily doable in little over two hours. I hoped to avoid the traffic on the Srinagar Kangan stretch, but we still opted to start a bit early.

On A Budget, From Srinagar To Sonamarg

Sonamarg is a commercial tourist attraction where more visitors than natives visit throughout the season. Travel brokers in Srinagar will thus attempt to persuade you that using a cab is the sole option. While there are less expensive options, the road from Srinagar to Pahalgam is slightly more developed.

Sonamarg is 80 kilometers from Srinagar, and it takes two to three hours to get there. For 2,000 INR, you might take a straight personal taxi from Srinagar.

Schedule Your Travel During A Time When Demand Is Low

For the best chance of financial savings, avoid the busiest travel periods while visiting Sonmarg. Generally speaking, the off-peak months are April through June and September through November. During these periods, there should be fewer people, cheaper airline tickets, and lower accommodation prices.

Select Low-Cost Lodging

Consider booking a stay at a guesthouse or a homestay instead of spending a fortune on opulent hotels. These choices allow you to engage with locals and provide comfortable but reasonably priced lodging, giving you a more genuine sense of Sonmarg. Using public transit is the most economical method of travel in Sonmarg.

Bring Your Meal

Dining at restaurants may drive up your costs dramatically. Pack snacks and make some meals at home to reduce your food expenses. If your lodging has a kitchen, you may also go to the neighborhood shops and purchase fresh vegetables to prepare your meals. This will allow you to sample tastes and foods from the area while saving you money.

What Should We Do In Sonamarg And The Reasons For Its Renown?

Many Indians aspire to see snow and their stunning natural surroundings. It’s an experience for most Indians who reside outside the Himalayan area since they have never seen or felt snow.

However, these locations are congested with visitors, vehicles, horses, and trinkets during the season. The towns listed above are your best options in the Kashmir region if you’re searching for comfort, internet, and a variety of restaurants, all within walking distance. Check out the smaller, more tranquil Kashmiri settlements if you can make some comfort-related compromises. Sonamarg is home to several well-known locations, including Thajwas Glacier, Zojila Pass, Zero Point, and charming lakes. In addition, there are daring pursuits like sledding, hiking, and river rafting.

On a tight budget, you may hike to Thajwas Glacier. It is 3 kilometers one way and 6 km round trip from Sonamarg’s center. Zero Point and Zojila Pass are on the route if you are not particularly interested in sledding and instead intend to travel afterward. A large number of automobiles generally causes traffic congestion, so you may even be able to take a photo.

Activities in Sonmarg

The Batlal Valley

One of the main tourist destinations near Sonmarg is the 3 km-long Baltal Valley. This broad, level valley is the starting point for the Amarnath Yatra and is just 4 km from the hill station. You may take in breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains in paradise.

Zero Point

It’s a snow-covered area 25 miles from Sonmarg on the route to Zoji La Pass. On the Srinagar highway, this is where Ladakh begins. The breathtaking sights you enjoy along the way make visiting Zero Point an experience of a lifetime. You can see how stunning the vast valley seems with a river snaking through it. Additionally, as you approach Zero Point, the mountains’ vivid green color changes to a dry brown hue.

Shutkari Bridge

Sonmarg is well-liked by thrill-seekers for another reason: white-water rafting on the Shutkari Bridge. The Indus River has grade 4 rapids, and you may select from a number of different segments based on your own preferences. Everyone may enjoy white-water rafting at Sonmarg and experience an exhilarating thrill, regardless of expertise level. If you decide to go on a lengthy white-water rafting adventure, Batlal is the beginning point, and Shutkari Bridge is the finish line.

Zoji La Pass

One of the main draws for tourists visiting Sonmarg is the high-altitude mountain pass known as Zoji La. This exhilarating mountain pass, which links Srinagar and Leh, is on the Indian National Highway 1D. It’s one of the world’s most difficult passes since it has hairpin turns, rugged terrain, and some narrowest roadways. Snowfall during the winter months causes this route to become closed. However, if you are traveling from Gulmarg to Sonmarg during the summer, you should plan an exciting day excursion to the Zoji La Pass.


It is feasible and even enjoyable to visit Sonmarg on a tight budget. Using these inexpensive travel suggestions, you can make the most of your vacation without breaking the bank. As always, the secret is to budget your spending, prepare ahead, and take in everything Sonmarg’s natural beauty and local culture offer.

So gather your belongings, decide on a spending plan, and go on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Sonmarg- kashmir package, the enchanted Meadow of Gold!