Travel Diaries: Kolkata Travelers Share their Kashmir Tour Experiences

  • 22 Aug 2023
  • 3 min read
  • tripzyeuser

My affection for Kashmir is unwavering, especially during the winter when the biting wind seeps into your bones. It was January, and fairy stories were fashioned of winter in Kashmir. The surrounding peaks were covered in snow, and Dal Lake, which is stunning, reflected the surrounding frozen beauty.

Those were gloomy days with occasional flashes of sunlight from a clear blue sky. Other times, mists swirled like omnipresent spirits as clouds covered the picturesque valley, blocking the sun’s light for days. There were no chilly, harsh, dazzling days, and it was a long cry from the cold climates I had become used to during my project time in Russia. The whole area is surrounded by picture-perfect mountains covered in snow, creating a picture-perfect background.

My Kashmir tour package from Kolkata is the finest that this state has to offer tourists. Take additional time while on a Kashmir tour package to enjoy the natural beauty of Kashmir and the surrounding tourist attractions, which extend a warm welcome to visitors travelling from near and far for an exciting, romantic and family holiday.

Which Season Is Ideal for Planning a Package Tour to Kashmir From Kolkata?

Kashmir is stunning year-round, so you can really schedule your trip from Kolkata at any time of year without worrying about it—the city’s year-round heat and humidity guarantee to provide tourists with a little respite. Kashmir receives the most visitors between April and November when the area is a riot of colour, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of roses and lilies.

Watch The Chinar Trees In The Fall As They Lose Their Leaves

Autumn leaves falling from Chinar trees are a sign of Kashmir and provide a special significance to the region’s natural splendour. My tour guide taught me on my Kashmir Package Tour. Chinar trees are Kashmir’s legacy and spirit. Boon or Buen is the term used in the indigenous Kashmiri language to refer to Chinar trees.

When I speak about Kashmir’s breathtaking scenery, I have to mention the season of gold, which casts the stunning valley in hues reminiscent of Chinar’s withered leaves. Who wouldn’t want to see the colours of orange, yellow, and gold when the Chinar leaves the shed?

Seeing the Chinar leaves shed was visually appealing to me, and it’s a popular tourist destination as well. One lovely day, as I strolled down the street, I heard a magnificent sound that I will never forget: the rustle of falling Chinar leaves. The falling goes well to show the lovely cycle of loss, regrowth, and regeneration.

Our Kashmir Package Tour from Kolkata was made even more magical and lovely by the lovely mornings and colder evenings, lovely gardens, and roads that were alive with the sound of the gigantic Chinar’s falling leaves. Autumn brings with it a certain allure that one cannot ignore.

When fall arrives in Srinagar, you may take a stroll about the city to see the vibrantly coloured Chinar leaves. During my journey to Kashmir, I also discovered an intriguing truth regarding the falling of Chinar leaves: the locals began dressing in wool and adjusted their diets to fit the temperature.

How We Can Plan To Travel From Kolkata-Kashmir

You may assist the farmers with apple harvesting in the fall by visiting the apple orchards. The hike to Shankaracharya Hill, the famed Shikara ride on Dal Lake, Nehru Park, a unique experience in floating gardens, a family trip in Shalimar, and Nishat Bagh Garden are some more noteworthy locations to see the full grandeur of fall.

In addition, you get to enjoy the breathtaking views of the rivers in October, the foggy autumn mornings, the hypnotic autumn views of the patio, the Hazratbal Mosque, Pari Mahal, Dachigam National Park, and lastly, the houseboat experience. I was enthralled by the Kashmir valley on my Kashmir Package Tour when it was adorned in the golden crown of fall.

Advice for a Fun and Safe Travel

  • It is important to take the appropriate safety and health measures while visiting Kashmir, particularly in the steep areas. Honour regional traditions and customs while keeping an eye on the environment.
  • A smooth and pleasurable journey is guaranteed by careful planning. It’s crucial to thoroughly organize and prepare for the trip before setting off on this amazing adventure. Think about things like weather, cultural events, and the ideal time to go from Kolkata to Kashmir.


Upon completion of the Kashmir Tour, you will have nice recollections of temperate weather that let you stay at ease. It leaves you with priceless memories that are tinged with the colours of beautiful saffron and fallen Chinar leaves. The lovely seasonal cycle is brought to our attention as the fall season approaches its conclusion.