Exploring Kashmir’s Beauty: Best Routes from Delhi

  • 22 Aug 2023
  • 4 min read
  • tripzyeuser

The best places to see on the Kashmir tour package from Delhi (with brief stops along the way) include Chandigarh’s Rock Garden, Shree Mata Vaishno Temple Cantt, and Sri Harmandir Sahib. Sanjeevni Hanuman Temple in Kasauli, Betaab Valley, Sukhna Lake, and Monkey Point are a few other well-liked destinations.

Pratapgarh Farms & Resorts

You should definitely go there with your friends and family. The cuisine is excellent. Here, one may see the customary facets of Indian culture in terms of cooking, attire, chopping, etc. This location offers enough activities to occupy a whole day. Boating, camel rides, bullet cart rides, pottery making, and other traditional activities are available. In addition, this location hosts a variety of sporting events and indoor and outdoor activities.

Sukhna Lake

Enter a realm of enchantment where Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake’s sparkling waters create a magnificent and serene tapestry. Born out of the concept of the renowned architect Le Corbusier, this charming artificial masterpiece is a veritable refuge among the contemporary bustle of the metropolis. Imagine being in a location where time seems to stand still and anxieties evaporate like raindrops on a crystal lake. With wide arms, Sukhna Lake urges you to embrace the unusual and leave behind the routine.

The lush greenery of the Shivalik Hills envelops you as you get closer to the lake. The soft sound of songbirds drifts on a light wind, preparing the senses for the most magnificent display of nature’s symphony. Sukhna Lake boating is like sailing through a fantasy world. Every stroke moves you closer to the center of peace, whether it’s the beautiful swaying of rowing boats or pedal boats that dance at your command.

You are astounded by the kaleidoscope of colors that is created as the water reflects the hues of the sky. However, this sanctuary is not as empty as it seems. The lake hears the whisper of a secret from winter and comes alive with a flurry of feathered visitors. Spectacular migrating birds arrive from far-off places to turn Sukhna Lake into a colorful aviary. This feathered display enthralls photographers and birdwatchers alike as they gracefully decorate the sky.

With the sun disappearing beyond the horizon, the lake takes on a golden hue, and laughter and companionship fill the air. Friends exchange memories that will live on in their hearts forever, families get together for endearing picnics, and kids run wild around one other.

Amid all of this, jewels are waiting to be found. Weary spirits seeking comfort might find a haven of peace and contemplation at the Garden of Silence. It is a haven of serenity and clarity for the mind and spirit. Sukhna Lake becomes a wonderful fantasy when night falls, with the dazzling lights around the lake reflected by the glittering stars overhead. The water’s surface is danced with the moon’s reflection, and those who are brave enough to listen may hear the ripples whispering secrets.

Monkey Point, Sanjeevni Hanuman Temple, Kasauli

Situated on a hilltop near Kasauli, Manki Point, also called Sanjeevni Hanuman Temple, is a little Hindu temple. Numerous monkeys reside at the temple, which is devoted to Lord Hanuman.


Meadows of Jesus, often known as Yusmarg, is a popular area in the Bagdam district that is noted for its expansive meadows. Yusmarg is a proud member of the Valley of Kashmir and an amazing tourist destination that, in the most basic of ways, teaches reverence for the environment. Explore paths that take you to far-off locations like Nilnag and Sang-e-Safed Valley.

Stepping beyond the ordinary, Yusmarg is a little piece of heaven all by itself. Yusmarg, the crown gem of the Bagdam area, is home to several picturesque locations. Travelers are captivated by its breathtaking scenery in places like Sang-e-Safed Valley; Yusmarg is also well-known for having some remarkable flower springs. It contains some of the highest peaks in the PirPanjal range, such as Sunset Peak (4,746 m) and Tattakutti (4,725 m).

Safety Considerations For A Journey From Delhi To Kashmir

Safety comes first, especially when two females are traveling together. Kashmir is indeed stunning, but it’s important to be prepared and knowledgeable. The following safety advice is provided:

  • Remain Up to Date: Prior to the journey, check the government’s travel advisories. Pay attention to reliable sources and local news.
  • Accommodations: Consider internet evaluations and choose well-rated lodgings in secure, tourist-friendly locations.
  • Local Dress Code: Wear conservative apparel that covers your knees and shoulders in order to respect local traditions.
  • Travel During Daylight: For increased safety, schedule outdoor excursions and travel during the day.
  • Local Partners: Give someone you can trust your itinerary and contact information. Have the embassy’s contact details and emergency numbers readily available.
  • Steer clear of crowds: Avoid being in big crowds during demonstrations, marches, or events.
  • Honor cultural conventions: Be aware of regional traditions. Obtain permission before snapping any pictures.
  • Keep your phone charged and pack power banks to stay connected. Use international roaming or a local SIM card to communicate.


Kashmir has always been a popular tourist destination, particularly among women who have spoken of safe and enjoyable travel experiences. To guarantee a safe and happy journey to this breathtaking place, exercise care, be informed, and prioritize safety above all else.