Choosing the Right Kashmir Holiday Package: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • 22 Aug 2023
  • 3 min read
  • tripzyeuser

Kashmir was appropriately referred to as the “Heaven on Earth” by Delhi Sultanate court poet and Sufi vocalist Amir Khusrau. Whether surrounded by lush green scenery or snow-capped hills, the “Crown of India” exudes splendour all year round.

In actuality, Kashmir’s ageless allure draws in visitors from outside India as well as other countries. Let us explore the charms of this nation’s utopia. Some of The Most Stunning Locations to See In kashmir holiday packages.


If you are craving waterfalls, you should definitely go to Aharbal Waterfall, which is a hidden treasure among Kashmir’s most stunning locations and is around 72 miles distant. The Shankaracharya Temple is a calm haven for contemplative periods that spiritual seekers may find comfort in.


Kishtwar, sometimes referred to as “The Land of Saffron and Sapphire,” is well-known due in part to the 2,000 square kilometre Kishtwar National Park, which is home to several animal and bird species. Rich in historical importance, Kishtwar was formerly known as “Lohit Mandal” and is said to be the residence of the sage Kashyap.

Kishtwar is a place of natural marvels, with Naginshiru Peak to the north and the Chenab River to the south. Savour regional specialties like rasta, tabak maz, and nankeen tea are served with kulcha. Get a flavour of the rural appeal of Kishtwar by exploring the remnants of the medieval fort at Bhandarkoot, which is about 12 kilometres distant.


Situated around 45 kilometres from Udhampur and 108 km from Jammu, Patnitop is a picturesque town surrounded by pine trees. One of India’s most beautiful lakes, Sanasar Lake, as well as Shanta Ridge and Shank Pal, which have undulating hills and alpine meadows, are must-see sights. Billoo Ki Powri’s stairs have an old-world beauty, which Nathatop, a well-liked winter ski resort, enhances. When at Patnitop, pay a visit to the historic Bahu Fort and Temple, which honours the goddess Kali, as well as the Naag (Corba) Temple.


Verinag, in the Anantnag district, is notable for the Mughal garden that Emperor Jahangir ordered built in 1620, as well as the Verinag spring. The main source of the Jhelum River is said to be the octagonal stone reservoir located in the garden.

This is the place where the Goddess Vitasta is said to have first planned to reappear. Towering Chinar trees provide a magnificent background that adds to Verinag’s attractiveness.


It is unquestionably the “Delight of Kashmir,” with an idyllic ambience that surpasses all other attractions in the region. Important religious sites and historical monuments may be discovered at this popular destination. Here are the Avantishwar Temple, Tarsar Lake, Shikargarh, and the Aharbal Waterfalls. You won’t regret scheduling a 7-day Tarsar Marsar Trek if you have the time!

6.Aru Valley

Reserve a cozy neighborhood homestay and indulge in regional specialities at roadside cafés. If you are looking for peace, you know where to go—the Aru Valley offers unmatched vistas of the Kashmir Valley.

7.Dachigam National Park

For the almost extinct Hangul or Kashmir stag (Red deer), the Dachigam National Park is the best-preserved natural habitat left on Earth. Many people who are interested in wildlife have been interested in seeing and taking photos of a variety of animals in their natural environment. They think a single visit is not enough to experience its wildness fully.

Ideal Time to Go

All of the locations and activities listed above have been visited during the winter, or more specifically, during the end of December. Therefore, if you like the cold, we believe that December through February would be the greatest months.

Travel Guidance

The least number of days needed to explore Kashmir is taken into consideration while designing the itinerary. We always have the option to remain longer if it suits our interests in the area.

Please remember to check the weather prediction and bring enough warm clothing. For individuals who would like to travel in this manner, guided excursions and multi-day packages are also offered.

Opportunities for Cultural Immersion

Travelling and seeing the local way of life is more meaningful when done thus. Seek travel packages that include chances to see cultural performances, trips to traditional marketplaces, and conversations with the kind and welcoming people of Kashmir. Taking in Kashmir’s cultural character enhances your trip and forges lifelong memories.

Convenience and Accessibility

Take into account the tour package’s convenience and accessibility features. Examine how convenient it is to get about, how comfortable the lodging is, and how much assistance the tour operator offers. A well-planned program guarantees a trouble-free and delightful trip to Kashmir’s stunning scenery.


Selecting the best Kashmir trip package requires careful thought, taking into account individual tastes and emphasizing high-quality experiences. Explore the specifics of tour operators, inclusions, customization choices, and highlights of the location to choose a package that aligns with your travel goals.

You may now set off on an enthralling adventure across Kashmir’s rich cultural tapestry and magnificent scenery with the ideal tour package in hand.